a woman who sleeps well with w o l v e s for they know a


is amongst them


ℐndie ℬƖєαcн ℴℯ

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[ someone come cuddle and sing me to sleep B( ]

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Before I fall asleep, I would like to show you the type of relationship my cat and I have. It’s special.

fill out with mun information ; 




name:  ash
date of birth:  march 28th
zodiac sign:  aries
gender:  female
eye color:  grey-blute
hair color:  naturally dark ash blonde
height:  like 5’3
scars:  a few

burns:  yes
over weight:  not really
under weight:  nope


color:  teal
hair color:  black / dust blonde
eye color:  blue / lighter colours 
song:  Momm Sed by Puscifer
t.v show:  vikings, gotham, many others
food:  dim sum, rice, honey garlic anything
drink:  non-alcoholic: dr pepper / alcoholic: smirnoff ice
video game:  skyrim
ice cream flavor:  cookie dough / cotton candy


had sex:  what r teh regular sex?
had sex in public:  ew
gotten pregnant:  fuck
kissed a boy: ye
kissed a girl:  yee
gotten piercings:  yes
smoked or drank:  drank, smokin is n a s t y
had a broken heart:  eheh…
been in love:  yes…
needed surgery:  yep


a virgin:  in the definition of the word, I suppose
a cuddler:  hella
a kisser:  y e s , it’s probably my favourite thing ngl xD
scared easily:  not at all
jealous easily:  eh, depends
trustworthy:  yes
dominant:  I can be
submissive:  I could be
in love:  not at the moment
single:  ye
in a relationship:  nope
considered mean:  haha, I’m pretty bitchy to people I dislike?


have you harmed yourself:  no
thought of suicide:  never
attempted suicide:  no
killed someone:  B)
wanted to kill someone:  you have no idea
who did you kiss last:  uhh… haa some girl at a party when I was really fucking lonely.
last text:  no idea
drove a car:  I can
have/had a job:  worked at Ripley’s Believe it or Not before I moved.
favorite soda/pop:  dr pepper~
do drugs:  nah, man.

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make me choose between two things. 

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mortxmer Minazuki:
♠ ( like this would happen, but whAT THE HELL)

Sometimes,   loneliness is more palpable than other days —
hurts  more,  makes  heads  swim with darkness and fingers
twitch  with  nothing  to   touch.    And   although   she   had
promised many things today    (meetings, deliveries, respon-
) it is all simply abandoned in favour of time to herself. 


It isn’t so very often that she does this, runs her hands along
her muscles  and her  bones  to sweep away the cobwebs in
her soul.  Her  breath  is  warm  as  she’s  splayed gracefully
against her tatami,   not a stitch of her shihakusho left on her
body simply to feel the shiver of a cool breeze.

Helps to forget. Helps to feel. 

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Send me a ♠ for my muse’s reaction to walking in on yours masturbating.  




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[ Sorry if I’m a little slow tonight — I’m trying to catch up on my readings, but I’m also not feeling well at all. I’m still around, but I’ll be lurking for the most part. You can catch my attention on skype though. ]


Well that wasn’t too bad, even as he could feel a phantom pain just by watching her experience it. Certainly could’ve been worse. The Cyborg settled his slightly frayed nerves as he debated how he’d go along with the second part of this endeavor. Ease it in? Just….shove it?

The first one sounded more painful, to be honest.


One of his hands grasps her other shoulder, and he both pushes the arm the rest of the way onto her as well as pulls her into it. Everything clicks into place wetly, painfully, but if all went well the arm would move as she’d wanted to, voluntary and no. And the acute pain of that last shove would surely produce some involuntary spasm.

That hurts — and its both shown and heard from the lion whose chin digs into her sternum as a deep, keening cry comes from her lips. It felt like jagged teeth tearing into her flesh (and for a moment, just a moment, she wonders if that is how her shikai feels, to others…). 

With the pain, her muscles twitch violently, the arm which had attached itself to her flinching along with her, synthetic elbow rising quickly only to drop back heavily to her lap. She breathes heavily, head finding its way under Sven’s ‘chin’ as if to nuzzle and hide from the pain. She is so done with pain… Those psychological walls would have to be built back up soon…

Focusing on steadying her breaths, her organic fingers would gently flutter to the burning, twitching shoulder wherein it feels like a thousand little shocks around her nerves. Her eyes look down gently at the new appendage… not quite sure what to do…